Avatar 2 Trailer - Hungry Beast

Avatar 2 Trailer finally released!!
Courtesy of the ABC's Hungry Beast
For more videos visit http://www.youtube.com/user/abchungrybeast

0:33 Star Wars (I am your father)
0:41 Forrest Gump (Run, Forrest, Run!)
0:47 Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in the corner)
0:50 Harry Potter (Expelliarmus)
0:54 Muriel's Wedding (You're terrible, Muriel)
1:01 The Matrix (Blue/red pill)
1:06 The Lord of the Rings (I will take the Ring)
1:11 Almost Famous (singing in the bus)
1:22 Braveheart (They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom)
1:25 Jerry McGuire (Show me the money!)
1:30 Free Willy (Killer whale jumping)
1:34 Avatar II - My Big Fat Pandora Versus the Deathly Hallows Striking Back at Murial's Lethal Weapon: Reloaded
1:44 The Sixth Sense (I see dead (blue) people)"

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